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Smart Business Phone Compatible with ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Chime and more!

The NEXFONE™ N351 is a solution for busy professionals, that provides an easy-to-use Android base Smart Business Phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset, a full adjustable view angle 5.0” qHD 800X480 resolution multi-point touch screen, 8M pixel camera supporting 4K Video.

Compatible with Teams, Slack, Zoom, Chime, Hangouts and other major collaboration App, Cloud meeting software. It is built-in with the world advanced highly-secrecy Qualcomm chipset, you can have meetings with your team members, your partners, your customers confidentially. It is with Bluetooth 4.2 supported, and also the dual band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi. Integrated all these features, the NEXFONE is a powerful and flexible office business phone that connect the team work with high efficient and productivity. 

Key Benefits:

Application Platform:

With Android 9.0 OS, the NEXFONE™ N351 allows you  to  enjoy flexible business meetings with your partners, You can also download any third party app as you wish, which gives you the advantages and the flexibility of an application platform. 

Easy Accessibility:

Contacts and meetings are easily accessible, one tap away on a color touchscreen with your familiar teamwork Apps, including Teams, Zoom, Chime and more 

Outstanding Secrecy:

Qualcomm chipset is the world advanced high-secrecy platform, we use it to keep the full safety of your Creations, Ideas, Business when you communicate with your international customers and partners.  


8M Pixel High Resolution Camera:

As a high-end smart business phone, the NEXFONE™ N351 has a camera with the resolution as high as 8M pixel that delivers colorful, living videos to all the other participants.  You can use it to quickly capture your every move or close it with the built-in camera shutter to keep your privacy.   

High-resolution Video: 

This NEXFONE™ N351 can support 4K clearly video with the horizontal field of view (FOV) angle 78°, make your video performance to reach to the professional style. 

1 Year Warranty