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    BREEZE™ by NEXVOO® is a “Smile-Friendly” transparent face mask with two ultra-silent micro fans that create a fresh air system, making it easier for you to breathe normally during study, work, exercise, transportation, cycling, jogging, or any other activity!

    BREEZE™ by NEXVOO® Highlights: 

    - One Microfan to increase oxygen intake

    - One microfan to remove carbon dioxide 

    - UV light disinfection (when charging)

    - Two 99% rated efficiency filters

    - Head & Neckstrap

    - Reusable & Cleanable 


    • 3-speed Brushless Ultra-Silent Fan: The clear face mask features two brushless ultra- silent micro fans with 3 levels of speeds to fit your natural breathing, walking, and activity needs. One micro fan to increase Oxygen intake. One micro fan to remove Carbon Dioxide. You will experience more comfortable and breezing breath than any other clear masks and normal masks when simply wears the mask.
    • UV Light Disinfection: The built-in UV light will kill bacteria and virus to keep the mask finitized when charging.
    • Effective Face Seal: The medical-grade silicone makes it a safe, comfortable, and secure fit around the face. 
    • Super effective filtration: The mask comes with extra 5-layer 99% efficiency filters to protect against viruses,bacteria, allergens, mildew, dust, odors, and more. 
    • Reusable and Cleanable: Reuse the masks by simply replacing the filters every 2-3 days to keep them sanitized. The front of the mask can also be sanitized.
    • Adjustable Head and Neck Straps: Loosen or tighten the head and neck straps to fit your face for more comfortable wearing.
    • Up to 6 Hours of Use: After fully charging, the mask will last up to 6 hours of use. And it takes only 1 hour to recharge the mask with USB. The mask still efficiently filters bacteria with 5-layer medical-grade filters even the battery dies.


    • Suitable for Adults and Children 14+
    • Size: 7.28''L x 4.13''W x 4.21''H/ 185L x 105W x 107H mm
    • Weight: 0.25lbs/114g

    Package includes:

    • 1 x clear face mask
    • 30 x pieces of filters
    • 1 x charging USB cable(Micro-USB) 
    • 1 x user manual