NEXPAD™ Pro T530

NEXPAD™ Pro T530
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Nexvoo's newly launched NEXPAD™ Pro T530 is a high-end smart conference tablet integrating audio, video and applications. It has an 8-inch multi-touch Retina-level FHD (full high-definition) capacitive screen and an 8-megapixel high-definition camera, built-in Bluetooth 4.2 module and Wi-Fi module, integrated high-power speakers, dual microphone arrays, providing high-definition audio and video experience at the same time, it also greatly improves the efficiency of group collaboration and personal office. NEXPAD™ Pro T530 is based on Android 10.0 system, the interface operation is more convenient, smooth and intelligent. Its built-in Google Play Store, you can install any video conferencing and video entertainment applications, to meet your home office, online learning, video entertainment needs, with HDMI projection and excellent audio quality, allowing you to experience the scene in person feel.


Android 10.0 Operating System NEXPAD™ Pro T530 uses Android 10.0 operating system, the interface operation is convenient, smooth and intelligent; you can flexibly control business meetings with partners, and you can download any third-party APP as needed.

• 4K Camera NEXPAD™ Pro T530 has a 4K camera with 78° FOV, enabling you to achieve professional video performance, and high-definition video experience makes communication easier.

• High-Definition Audio NEXPAD™ Pro T530 has excellent audio quality that similar products do not have, built-in multiple smart functions such as echo cancellation and noise shielding, which can automatically remove interfering background noise and other unnecessary sounds.

• Integrated Video Collaboration Solution The shape is simple and light, and it is very convenient to use and set up. It helps to show the full charm of the video conferencing solution and is fully qualified for various work occasions.

• HDMI Output With the help of HDMI projection technology, whether in a meeting room or home office, you can experience the feeling of face-to-face communication on site.